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    Remote training in robotic surgery

    DIETI Contact person / Partner: Many /Guido De Sena


    A socially Assistive Robot is intended as an assistive tool which can complement the therapist in training and rehabilitation, can be used for remote monitoring and assisting the user, and constitutes a playful agent to better engage the participants and relief from anxiety. In order to achieve these goals, it requires the ability of multi-modal perception, emotion expression, verbal and non-verbal communication, adaptive control, decision-making, and learning mechanisms.


    The aim of the research activity is to develop, validate, and test in hospitals and homes interaction strategies for socially assistive robots in healthcare and home environments and adapt to each individual’s capabilities. Goal of the interaction is defined by considering the assistive role the robot has to play with respect to the patient.



    Can be assigned to one doctoral student of cycle XXXVI

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