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    3D model technology for pre-operative planning and robot-guided gynaecological surgery

    DIETI Contact person / Partner: Giuseppe Scarpa


    The goal of the proposal is to apply Hyper Accuracy 3D (HA3DTM) technology in the Gynaecological surgery (endometriosis, endometrial cancer and so on) to reconstruct, form diagnostic imaging (RM, TC, ANGIOTC), three-dimensional model of the patient anatomy to improve pre-operative planning and consequently perform faster, more precise and safer robot-guided surgery.  The study will reveal specific indications of pathologies and surgical procedures for which HA3DTM technology is more effective.


    The objectives are:

    • to develop a tool to improve pre-operative planning;
    • to improve robot-guided surgery towards enhanced robot autonomy;
    • to understand the usefulness of the new technology compared to the state of the art.



    Can be assigned to one doctoral student of cycle XXXVI 

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