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Nanophotonic resonators for the ultrasensitive detection of miRNA

DIETI Contact person / Partner: Carlo Forestiere


In this activity, the PhD candidate will develop a nanophotonic biosensor aimed at the detection of circulating non-coding RNAs (miRNAs). The sensor will be based on novel anomalous electromagnetic scattering effects emerging at the nanoscale. The PhD candidate will design the electromagnetic properties of the nanophotonic substrate under the guidance of Prof. Forestiere; then he will fabricate and characterize the device under the supervision of Dr. De Stefano. Eventually, he will test the optical sensors under the guidance of Prof. Caraglia, M.D.


The objective of this proposal is to develop a nanostructured nano-biophotonic able to accurately detect circulating miRNAs, that is at same time cheaper and have limited invasiveness compared to the methods currently used for screening.


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