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Diagnostic systems and drug release system for NEURODEGENERATIVE DISEASES

DIETI Contact person / Partner: Giovanni Breglio


Inflammation, oxidative stress are pre-conditions to neurodegenerative diseases from early to terminal stages. In the central nervous system (CNS), oxidative damage occurs much more easily than in other tissues, it notes the greater metabolic activity, generating a consequent greater quantity of oxidants and consequently its disposal. Thus the identification and use of new markers of oxidative stress, and the technique to detect them, represent a promising strategy to establish if/how molecular targets are damaged, identify such mechanisms in pathological events associated with neurodegeneration. In this program we plan to study disease related to neurodegenerative disorders [e.i. Alzhaimer (AD), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson (PD)]. The activity is mainly focused to the definition of optic fiber biosensor activated by antibodies/target detection using new biomarkers to detect both in-vitro and in-vivo the initiation of oxidative stress, a sign for neuronal degeneration. The assay will be assembled in a prototype with use of a biosensor in detecting in vivo the disease in small rodents. We aim to build the bases for the development of a diagnostic instrument to detect initiation of neurodegeneration for the use in medical practice in patients affected.


Functional genomics has identified those propitiatory mechanisms of the initial state of neurodegenerative disease. Analysis technologies of these phenomena, based on fibre optic detection platforms, will be extensively investigated. In fact, the close collaboration of the partner of the proposal that well balance the necessary skills, will put the student to face the issues with solid bases both technological and life science related questions as devoted to neuroscience and diagnostic biomarker discoveries.



Can be assigned to one doctoral student of cycle XXXVI