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Optical Tomography, digital holography, microfluidics, numerical algorithms, fast processing, cell characterization

DIETI Contact person / Partner: Angelo Liseno


Recently, the Tomographic flow cytometry by digital holography has been established as the new tomographic principle to recover the 3D refractive index mapping of circulating cells. The main goal is the development of new diagnostic systems and computational tools for single Circulating Tumor Cells analysis, through the high-throughput tomographic imaging in a microfluidic platform. The PhD research activity will be hosted by the laboratories of ISASI-CNR located in Pozzuoli, within the Pietro Ferraro’s research group.


Development of new lab on a chip devices, algorithms and computational tools for phase contrast tomography of circulating tumor cells with the aim to implement the liquid biopsy paradigm.



Can be assigned to one doctoral student of cycle XXXVI