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Ad hoc Modules


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Chie Shin Fraser
Toronto, Canada / Email: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

01 07 Dec 2023
02 15 Dec 2023
03 12 Jan 2024
04 19 Jan 2024
05 TBD 2024
06 TBD 2024

09.30-13.30 CET
[Break ~ 20 mins]




Radiofrequency ablations in liver surgery:
a multidisciplinary point of view

2 8 G. Ruello

R. Massa

E. De Vita

F. Izzo

07/11 Interaction between Electromagnetic Fields and Human Tissues 
09/11 Electromagnetic Dosimetry         
13/11 Fiber Optic Sensors for Thermal Monitoring of Tumor Ablation
13/11 Radiofrequency Clinical applications in liver cancer       

Radiofrequency Ablations in liver surgery


 Title ECTS Hours DIETI Lecturer External Lecturer  Dates Flyer 
Remote Sensing for Ecosystem and Public Health:
Technologies and Applications
  12 Alessio Di Simone TBC 05.09.2023 - 22.09.2023


Semantic artifacts and multimedia knowledge graphs for bio-data integration   10   Cristiano Russo 11.09.2023 - 25.09.2023


How to boost your PhD

  14   Antigone Marino 2023.01.11 - 2023.02.22


Metrology and Machine Learning for Brain Computer Interfaces

  14 Pasquale Arpaia Selina Christin Wriessnegger 2022.9.13 - 2022.10.10  M&ML4BCI
Elementi di Diritto ambientale  1  8 Renato Briganti Organizer:
Chimical Sciences PhD
 2021-2-18-  EDA21
Cognitive computing for Neuroncology  12.6  63 Paolo Maresca Alfredo Marinelli 2021.1.12- 2021.05.28


Design and Implementation of Augmented Reality Software Systems  4  20 Anna Rita Fasolino, Domenico Amalfitano  Domenico Irilli  2020.5.29- 2020.6.19  DIARSS20
Innovation Management, entrepreneurship and intellectual property   5 20    Pierluigi Rippa  2020.5.5- 2020.6.5  IMEIP20
Molecular and Cellular Biology       CQB PhD   MCB21 
Real-Time Embedded Systems for I4.0 and IIoT 5 20

Cilardo Alessandro

Cinque Marcello

  2021.5.13-2021-7-15 CACM21

 In preparation

 Title  ECTS Hours  DIETI Lecturer  External Lecturer  Dates Flyer 
High field Magnetic Resonance Imaging  3   15   Giuseppe Ruello TBC 2020.9.14-2020.9.23 HFMRI20
Modelling of Physiological Control Systems  2.4  12 Franco Amato     MPCS20
Feedback Control in Systems Biology  2.4  12   Carlo Cosentino   FCSB20
5G in Telemedicine and eHealth  2.4  12 Gerardo Di Martino TBD


Infrared Technologies for Health monitoring 2.4   12 Michele Riccio Gaetano Marenzi


Data Fusion for E-Health  3   15   Domenico Ciuonzo      

 Almost ready

 Title  ECTS Hours  DIETI Lecturer  External Lecturer  Dates Flyer 

Electromagnetic Fields at PhD

 4.8  24

Daniele Riccio

Organizer: SSM (Scuola Superiore Meridionale)

 Advanced Algorithms and Numerical Methods for Tomography and Imaging      Angelo Liseno      
 Immunology: from basic principles to mathematical modelling  15  3  Francesco Verde  Angela Alberico, Veronica De Rosa  2020.11.9-2020.11.27   IBPMM20
 The challenges in the diagnosis and management of biofilm related infections: the customization, the use of nanoparticles and much more  3.8  18    Carlo Petrarca, Marco Balato  Giovanni Balato  2020.9.29-2020.10.20   CDMBRI20
 Interaction control in surgical and rehabilitation robotics  2.8  14  Fanny Ficuciello  TBC  2021.2.8-2021.2.22   ICSRR21

 Under Review Postponed

 Title  ECTS Hours  DIETI Lecturer  External Lecturer  Dates Flyer 
 Enabling technologies and applications for lightweight health monitoring devices      Ettore Napoli  TBC  


Under Review Postponed



 Title  ECTS Hours  DIETI Lecturer  External Lecturer  Dates Flyer 

Ultra High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging 

 3  15 Giuseppe Ruello Arturo Brunetti, Christopher Collins, Riccardo Lattanzi, Rita Massa 2022.1.17-202.1.31 UHFMRI22
Statistical data analysis
for science and engineering research
 4  12 Roberto Pietrantuono   2021.2.9-2021.2.25   SDA21
Data Science for Patient Records Analysis  2.5   10  Marcello Cinque Carmela Bravaccio  


 Scientific Programming and Visualization with Python  3  15  Alessio Botta   2021.3.8-2021.3.10   SPVP21
Mathematics of the Finite Element Method
 4  20    Francesco Calabrò  2020.4.27-2020.5.28  MFEM20
 Managment R&S  3  15    Experts form CNR, ENEA, UNINA, TECUP  2020.2.19-2020.4.8  MRS20
 Matlab Fundamentals  4  20  Agostino De Marco, Stefano Marrone, Francesco Orefice    2020.2.20-2020.3.25  MF20
 Machine Learning  4  20  Anna Corazza,  Francesco Isgrò, Roberto Prevete, Carlo Sansone Marco Aiello, 
Francesco Raimondi



Strategic Orientation for STEM Research & Writing  3.6  18   Chie Shin Fraser  2020.6.25- 2020.7.30  SRW20
Professional skills in clinical environment for biomedical engineering  2  8   Gianni D'Addio  2020.10.12- 2020.11.2  PSCE20
Digital Forensics' methods, practices and tools  3  10   Giovanni Cozzolino  2020.11.3- 2020.11.10  DF20
Mathematics and Statistics for Life Sciences   30   CQB PhD 2021.1.12-2021.3.2 MS21
Programming and algorithmic thinking       CQB PhD 2021.1.26-2021.2.16 PAT21


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